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For all the folks who are feeling mentally and physically restrained, this place sambhar lake is flawless.

A place where horizons stretch to vastness, where sky  &  water unite in a gleam of thin blue and where the ruined call of the curlew may be the main voice you listen. Sambhar Lake is India’s biggest Saline lake situated in Rajasthan.

Sambhar Salt Lake is one of the largest inland salt water lakes in India  and have even found a noteable mention  in the Indian mythological saga, ‘Mahabharata’.

History expresses that the lake was a piece of devil lord Brishparva’s kingdom. As per Hindu custom, the goddess of the Chauhan Rajputs, ‘Shakambari Devi’, blessed this town with abandance of precious metals.

People were worried that this blessing would be a cause of fights & war, so they requested to the Goddess to withdraw the blessing. Thus the Goddess changed the town of metals into a town with a considerable measure of salt.

Accordingly, the Sambhar Salt Lake was born here, and there is a temple devoted to the goddes Shakambari Devi, close to the lake. This Salt water Lakes in India was claimed by lords of Jodhpur & Jaipur which they leased out to british later. Now  Rajasthan tourism has taken control of the lake & is taking measure to improve sambhar lake tourism.

Sambhar town at 96 km to the south west is one of the remarkable places to visit near Jaipur and 64 km north east of Ajmer city and can be reached via NH 8 in Rajasthan. Sambhar means salt, the neighbourhood has collected concentrated salt from here for over a thousand years for personal consumption and for further packing and selling as well. There are 38 towns surrounding the sambhar salt lake.


Sambhar salt Lake during monsoon is an extraordinary wetland to visit. It is home to migaratory Flamingos and different winged animals which move from Northern Asia during this season. These tall, cute fowls with their performer tutus fly here in thousands by the heavenly Spirulina green growth that twist when the water achieves a medium level of saltiness. Just second to the breeding ground of flamingos (Rann of Kutch), Sambhar Lake is the place where most of these lovely creatures can be found.

Sambhar lake tourism is actively promoting it as one of the good tourist places near jaipur during monsoon.  Among other migratory birds Pelicans are next in number after Flamingos who obviously love the lake and run here in substantial numbers during season.

20,000 to 30,000 fledglings in pale pink shade can be seen moving and mumbling in the shiny water and dim mud. Sometimes, a huge group would fly low over the water and settle at an alternate place, touching down with the lightest of frilling. I

t is a dream for birders to sight wonderful flamingos, storks, pelicans, and sometimes redshanks, sandpipers, and dark winged stilts , all this awaits you at one of the best kept secret, salt water lakes of India, Sambhar Lake.

Sambhar salt lake produces over 196,000 tons of clean salt and the whole project is run by Shanbar salts Ltd in Public Private Partnership with Rajasthan state government and Hindustan salts Ltd.

Getting to Sambhar Lake is not very difficult. It is one the popular tourist places to visit near jaipur  at around 96 kms South West. You can hire a cab from Jaipur or use public transport. This salt water lakes in India is quite accessible from Jaipur or NH 8 or Ajmer.

turtle trails india travel sambhar lake

Once in Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan tourism recommends a visit to Shkambhari  Devi Temple near Devayani Tank just on the outskirts of sambhar lake.

Sambhar is an interesting and pleasant town with one of the great salt water lakes of India here and thanks to Rajasthan tourism it is quickly turning into a well-known tourist places near Jaipur. For those who want to experience the rural sights of India and are yearning for a unique outside experience, Sambhar provides a chance on the go just 20kms off NH-8 to appreciate the stunning Bird life of this wetland and an opportunity to drive on the endless stretches of this unique Salt Lake.

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