Our Philosophy

What to expect from Turtle Trails !!

Vikram and Indrani are more than just an ordinary travel couple. They’re friends, who have chosen as their professions what they love doing most and sharing these passions through travel.

Turtle Trails is creating personal enriching experiences through travel. It is a mission with a purpose. The purpose is to live better, in search of stillness within movement. That is our ‘Turtle’ philosophy.
Indrani is a lifestyle programmer sharing her experience through yoga, meditation and food for a healthy life. One takes something back from each retreat- something so natural and so effortless that it can be integrated into daily ordinary routine to give it that extra.
Riding a Motorbike for Vikram is in its simplicity to travel and connect. His experience of 15yrs have made riding almost second nature for him and have provided a unique vantage point to absorb the surroundings, to find harmony between the fast and the slow. One rides through sub-rural regions away from the maddening crowd of the highways and through roads less known to open up the real India, its treasures, its people and its magnificence.
The idea remains the same for both of them, be it yoga or motorbike travels. To learn the concept of stillness and find stillness within no matter the movement outside. Come join the ‘Turtle’ as we share and experience new ways to explore, understand and connect with each of our beings.