As you breathe, you ride. Riding in the Indian terrains through its villages, fields, barrenness, fertility & colours. Enrich a deeper connect with India through original non touristic routes chalked out for a human experience, with an expert who has your back & guides you through each curve to explore the nuances of your machine and the roads. Welcome to our handpicked and diligently designed motorcycle tour in India.

What is your travel style? Are you a comfort traveller, an explorer or an adventure vanguard? uneven & unpaved roads or smooth & peaceful rides. Turtle rides has something to suit all needs. Our character packed motorcycle routes across India make sure of that. The concept of our motorbikes tours is simple. Pack those bags, get on the saddle and off you go away from the usual touristic track. Our motorcycle tour in India offer a sense of wonder, observance of the colourful indigenous culture, and witness to majestic panoramas. And hope that you will experience an exciting motorcycle trip and the satisfaction to have truly experienced the enriching sights of this country.

As travelling enthusiasts ourselves, we consistently develop trails to give riders a deeper and richer experience of the places they travel on a motorcycle creating an unforgettable connection with the surroundings. In our motorcycle tour, the route would take you through numerous indigenous villages where the old is preserved among the new. As someone rightly said, “A ride is the answer to the questions we forget”. In our motorcycle excursion, you would experience the joy of simple riding, and who knows while discovering the surroundings you might discover something new about yourself. Come! Let yourself immerse in the riot of new sensations.

Our team is dedicated in ensuring an experience like no other. Being safety first but non-restrictive, we aim to provide security and comfort as much as possible, for this each guided ride is accompanied by a trained mechanic in case of a breakdown, for your travel in comfort a backup vehicle follows with all your luggage and an English speaking tour guide is always present at hand with you throughout the ride. So, book your motorcycle tour in India today and get ready to experience a journey that you will remember forever!


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